Custom Coilovers

KW Coilovers provides custom kits, coilovers, and accessories to help our customers customize their rides and achieve the best performance for their vehicle. We even help provide coilover rebuilds and individual parts for customers.

Quality Build

Each coilover and kit that we provide here at KW Coilovers is made with the highest quality material and is performance driven. Our team understands that quality is equal to performance, and we aim to help customers get the smoothest ride ever.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team strives to provide our customers with the best service possible. If you need assistance with custom builds, parts, or have any questions regarding your coilovers or kits, we will do our best to help you.

A Team Of Car Enthusiast

KW Coilovers is a dedicated team that really loves what cars just as much as our clients do. KW Coilovers is a team of car enthusiast that help fellow car lovers get the quality parts they need. With a love of cars and extensive knowledge about parts, our team can help you with any of your coilover questions. Each member of our team is a proud car lover and is knowledgeable about parts and accessories to make sure you’re covered each step of the way. At KW Coilovers, our team is dedicated to providing you with the quality service that would expect to receive ourselves. We treat our customers like family and believe that every part of your experience with our team should be pleasant, helpful, and satisfying.

Disclaimer:It should be noted that our team at KW Coilovers is an entity separate from and we hold no relation to their company. We are unable to process returns, warranties, provide coverage or assistance with coilovers, kits, or accessories purchased from If a similar product or part has been purchased from it will fall upon to provide customers to process returns, payment issues, warranties, or provide general assistance with any coilovers, kits, or accessories.

Coilovers & Kits For All Brands

KW Coilovers is the largest supplier of quality custom coilover over and accessories for all brands of cars. We provide a large selection of kits, coilover variants, and accessories to make sure that the performance of your vehicle is at its very best. Our philosophy here at KW Coilovers is pretty much that if you love cars, you’re a part of the family. And like family, we are here to provide you with the best quality parts and customer service available. We adhere to providing only the highest quality coilivers, kits, and accessories to make sure that each of our customers is guaranteed 100% satisfaction with their purchase. We understand that parts you use in your car make a difference in performance, and KW Coilovers is here to make sure you get the best performance out of your coilovers.

selection of custom coilover kits

Let Us Help

The team at KW Coilovers works hard to provide you with custom coilovers, kits, and accessories for each brand and model of car. Regardless of your ride, we will support your car’s performance with the highest quality parts to maximize your cars performance levels. If you are looking for custom parts or accessories, you have come to the right place. We have the largest selection of quality products available for you. All of our products are inspected for quality to guarantee your satisfaction. If you need help our team of car enthusiast will be more than glad to help you select the coilover, kit, or accessories right for you. And if you’re ready to shop for your custom parts, you can always browse our shop by part or car model.

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